Integrations Galore!

Last week, we rolled out Zapier integration. Zapier is an incredible service that makes it easy to connect other services together. For example: Want to create a new Better Voicemail contact every time you add a Google Contact? Zapier makes it easy!

With Zapier supported added, you can now integrate Better Voicemail with over 180 other services (and that number is growing every day).

Example Integrations:

  • Auto export each new Google Contact into your Better Voicemail account. Why? Friendly names are matched to CallerID numbers thus making Better Voicemail notifications easier to identify.
  • When a call is routed to Better Voicemail, either because you missed the call on your cell phone, or because you’re routing all of your inbound calls to a Better Voicemail number, this Zap sends the contact information over to Highrise. Highrise will create a contact if one does not exist using the information Better Voicemail has on the caller.
  • if you are using Better Voicemail on your cell phone, this Zap sends each of your missed calls over to Evernote as new notes. Notes will be created with the CallerID name and Phone number and will have the transcription and MP3 of the voicemail attached.

Let us know if your integrated in connecting your Better Voicemail account with your CRM, Accounting System, or anything else! Zapier can probably help!

Better Voicemail + Zapier Information Page:

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