New Feature: Automatic SMS Replies

We have pushed a new tool that lets you configure Automatic SMS Responses for any of your SMS enabled Better Voice phone numbers!

Use Case

Text “12345” for information on this Real Estate Listing.

The automatic response could send out a link to a mobile formatted web page or other basic information.

You can also use these in conjunction with your Voice templates to continue conversations offline!

How to Use

If you go here in your dashboard and look on the right side of the templates in the list, you’ll see a button for “Automatic SMS Replies”:

Just click that button and you can edit and configure new automatic responses. You can even configure delays on the responses so they seem more genuine. :)

New Features FTW!

We realize services like this have been around for a long time, but now this functionality is built directly into your existing Better Voice phone numbers. We’re constantly improving our service to give you more BANG for your buck and we hope you like this new feature!

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