New Feature: Automatic SMS Replies

We have pushed a new tool that lets you configure Automatic SMS Responses for any of your SMS enabled Better Voice phone numbers!

Use Case

Text “12345” for information on this Real Estate Listing.

The automatic response could send out a link to a mobile formatted web page or other basic information.

You can also use these in conjunction with your Voice templates to continue conversations offline!

How to Use

If you go here in your dashboard and look on the right side of the templates in the list, you’ll see a button for “Automatic SMS Replies”:

Just click that button and you can edit and configure new automatic responses. You can even configure delays on the responses so they seem more genuine. :)

New Features FTW!

We realize services like this have been around for a long time, but now this functionality is built directly into your existing Better Voice phone numbers. We’re constantly improving our service to give you more BANG for your buck and we hope you like this new feature!

New Feature: Email Addresses Automatically Parsed from Inbound Text Messages

We’ve just launched an awesome new feature!

As you probably know, all Better Voicemail numbers are SMS enabled (they can send and receive text messages). But now, inbound text messages are also automatically scanned for email addresses. So, if someone texts you something like: “My email address is”, we will automatically pull out that email address and associate it with the person in your account.

Why is this REALLY cool? Glad you asked!

All of your calls to your Better Voicemail numbers can automatically send callers text messages, and all of your calls and text messages are accessible through our API (or through So, you can now do something like this:

  1. Someone calls your Better Voicemail number, but you miss the call
  2. Your Better Voicemail template is configured to automatically send the person a text message saying something like: “So sorry I missed your call! I’m tied up at the moment, but in the mean time, what’s your email address so I can send you some additional info?”
  3. The person responds: “no problem! My email is”
  4. We pull that email address out and associate it with the contact
  5. You have a Zapier trigger automatically initiate a drip email campaign to that caller

Yes, you read that correctly. You can initiate a drip email campaign to someone just from a missed phone call! 

This is an extremely powerful new feature and we can’t wait to see how you put it into action. Also, we’re sure our friends at or would love to help you set up an awesome email campaign if you don’t already have one set up.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re happy to help you.

New Annual Pricing and plan specifically for REALTORs

We just released new annual pricing options! Going with annual billing will save you 20%! Its really a no brainer thing to do and we highly recommend it.

We’ve also released a new plan specifically designed to help REALTORs manage their inbound phone and SMS leads. This plan revolutionizes how you handle inbound phone leads from, Trulia, Zillow, or any other source, and we’ve built in integration with the popular FollowUpBoss CRM.

What’s Included?

5 Local Numbers used to track leads

Pre-configured for your Website,, Trulia, Zillow, and your yard signs

Follow Up Boss (and other CRMs) Integration

Forward calls to an unlimited number of team members

Completely Customizable System

White Glove Service!

New Feature: SMS Support for all Local Numbers

All of the local numbers in your account can now send and receive text messages! We’ll now automatically forward text messages sent to any of your Better Voicemail numbers to the primary cell phone number configured in your account. If you’d like, each number can be individually configured to forward text messages to any cell phone number you want.

You can easily send outgoing SMS messages from our account dashboard now as well! Support to send text messages from your Better Voicemail numbers via our App is coming soon! Look for it in the next couple of weeks.

Let us know if you have any questions about sending and receiving SMS messages with Better Voicemail.

New Features: Sort by Date and Export to CSV

Quick update! You can now sort and filter calls based on time and date ranges. Once you apply any filters you can also now export all of the matching calls to a CSV file.

This lets you easily do basic analytics on your incoming calls. As a side note, you can now also easily see all calls answered by a specific number by searching “answered:15121234567”. This report can also be exported to CSV.

Let us know if you have any questions about these great new features!

Integrations Galore!

Last week, we rolled out Zapier integration. Zapier is an incredible service that makes it easy to connect other services together. For example: Want to create a new Better Voicemail contact every time you add a Google Contact? Zapier makes it easy!

With Zapier supported added, you can now integrate Better Voicemail with over 180 other services (and that number is growing every day).

Example Integrations:

  • Auto export each new Google Contact into your Better Voicemail account. Why? Friendly names are matched to CallerID numbers thus making Better Voicemail notifications easier to identify.
  • When a call is routed to Better Voicemail, either because you missed the call on your cell phone, or because you’re routing all of your inbound calls to a Better Voicemail number, this Zap sends the contact information over to Highrise. Highrise will create a contact if one does not exist using the information Better Voicemail has on the caller.
  • if you are using Better Voicemail on your cell phone, this Zap sends each of your missed calls over to Evernote as new notes. Notes will be created with the CallerID name and Phone number and will have the transcription and MP3 of the voicemail attached.

Let us know if your integrated in connecting your Better Voicemail account with your CRM, Accounting System, or anything else! Zapier can probably help!

Better Voicemail + Zapier Information Page:

Outbound SIP Support

Do you use VOIP phones in your home or office? If you do, you can now transfer calls directly to a SIP device without it needing a phone number associated with it!

This feature opens up a ton of ways Better Voicemail can be integrated with existing business telephone systems. Want a better call routing system for your business, but don’t want to invest a ton of money in new hardware. Better Voicemail can easily make that happen!

If you’re interested in outbound SIP support, just let us know! We’re happy to help you get it set up.

Simplified Setup Process

We’ve just released a drastically simplified setup process! Our customization wizard is still available, but our basic set up form lets you easily add a menu to your voicemail, forward missed calls to team members, send text messages with product information, and much more!

The new setup process has received a lot of great feedback and is so easy a caveman could use it! However, as always, if you need help setting up your Better Voicemail system, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re happy to help you!

Voicemail Notification Emails Now Attach MP3s

We’re always improving Better Voicemail!

Previously, our voicemail notification emails contained direct links to the voicemail MP3 in the email content. We did not directly attach the voicemail MP3 recording to the email. Now we do!

This is very beneficial in offline environments, like when on a plane. You can download your emails before boarding, and your voicemails will be accessible in your email inbox.

Let us know if there are any improvements you would like to see added to Better Voicemail.

Customization Wizard

We recently released brand spanking new Customization Wizard! It lets you quickly and easily create a customized voicemail system that will help you seamlessly communicate with customers while uniformly reinforcing your brand. Just drag the features you want, and drop them into place!

We try to stress that incoming calls are assets that should not be wasted! Our customization wizard lets you do valuable things like: send first-time callers a text message with a link to your products or services, add a menu to your voicemail that can route callers to other team members, or play custom greetings for specific clients.

The possibilities really are endless. See for yourself in the video below that demonstrates our wizard.

This is the Better Voice public blog. Its our place to share and connect with you!