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BetterVoice.com provides two general methods to access your Contact, Call, SMS, and Fax data via API.

  • Via REST Api (You PULL data from us)
  • Via WebHooks (We PUSH data to you)

You'll need your Username and API Token to use either method. You can find both on the Account Settings page in your dashboard.


To see a list of all Rest API endpoints available, you can issue a GET request to the following URL:


WebHooks API

To get notified via an HTTP POST when new calls, texts, faxes, or contacts are created in your BetterVoice.com account, simply POST and event and target_url parameter to the following URL and we will notify the corresponding Target URL any time a new event occurs:


Event choices so far are: call.created, sms.created, fax.created, contact.created, contact.updated, and contact.deleted.


Request Support

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You can also email us at support@bettervoice.com.