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Extensions are the basis for configuring how your calls are routed. Extensions can route calls out to team members as well as direct calls to other Extensions based on rules you setup in your "Automated Menu".

You can create as many Extensions as needed for your Business. Another neat feature of Extensions is that you can assign a phone number specific to a Extension. This is nice if you want to have a dedicated support or sales number that routes straight to your sales or support team members.

General Info

Your Extensions are the basis for configuring a Better Voice phone number for your business or company needs.

When configuring an extension, you can choose to assign an existing number to it, or to reserve a new phone number specifically for it. Think of this number as your business number or marketing number.

Receive Calls

The first section to configure is the "Receive Calls" section. Here you can optionally set an initial greeting you'd like callers to hear when they dial your number. Secondly, you can configure "Operators" to receive calls immediately at the start of each call. An "Operator" is typically a user in your Better Voice account but can also be an external phone number if needed.

The "Receive Calls" section is optional and if no settings are in place calls will immediately move to the "Automated Response Menu" section. Alternatively, if a greeting is configured in the "Receive Calls" section or if any Operators are configured, calls will move on to the "Automated Response Menu" section after the greeting plays and/or if no Operators answer the phone.

Automated Menu

The "Automated Response Menu" section gives you the opportunity to create a menu for your callers to interact with. The Automated Response Menu is optional as well and if one is not configured, the call will move on to the next section called "Voicemail".

With the "Automated Response Menu" you'll have the option to "Add a Menu Option" where you can select the way to route callers based on the digits they dial.

The Automated Response Menu options are:

1) "Dial by Name Directory" which will automatically read off each of your Better Voice user names and allow callers to dial the name of the user they want to reach.

2) "Forward to Extension" which will route the call to another Extension you have created. This allows you to create multi-level menus.

3) "Forward to User" which will route the call directly to another Better Voice user.

Automatic Text Message

You can also configure a text message that will automatically be sent to anyone that calls this line, or only the FIRST time someone calls the line.


Finally, at the bottom of the Extension form is the "Voicemail" section. If no digits are pressed in the Automated Response Menu or if no menu is configured, calls will go into leaving a voicemail message. You can select a greeting file to play to callers before they hear the recording tone.

You can assign a Better Voice virtual phone number to your Direct Line or any of your Extensions. You can do this two ways:

  • On the extension page, under the Phone Numbers section, click on the "Choose Existing" button to assign an existing virtual number in your account. Or, you can choose to "Purchase New Number" as well.

  • You can also assign phone numbers to your Extensions from the "Phone Numbers" page in the app. This provides a list of all of the virtual numbers in your account. Use the dropdown form option to select which Extension, or user, a phone number should be assigned to.

Conference rooms allow multiple people participate in a phone call at once. Our conference rooms support up to 40 simultaneous callers. To create a conference room, simply use links on the left side navigation in the app.

You can configure hold music that will be played to callers until the conference begins. You can also configure an optional greeting that will be played to callers as they join.

Any number in your account (or more than one) can be directly assigned to conference rooms. You can also redirect callers into Conference Rooms from your business line or extensions.

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