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Your "Team" settings are where you will be able to invite other people to create a Better Voice account and be added as a "User" within your group.

To invite another user, simply fill in their email address and they will receive an email asking them to create a password and log in. Their account will automatically be added to your Team and you will be able to route calls to their "User" from your Extensions.

Team members can be either Admins or Non-admins. You can promote (or demote) team members on the "Team" page. You can also manage specific privileges for team members by giving them access to see calls and texts associated with specific Extensions in your account.

Keep in mind that "Operators" configured on your Business Line and Extensions can automatically see calls coming into those lines.

Non-admin Team Members have access to make and receive calls from any phone number assigned to an extension which they are an "Operator" for.

You can also give a team member permission to use a phone number by explicitly granting them permission to an associated extension in the Team Member Privileges editor.

Go to the Phone Numbers page in the app (under Advanced in the left side navigation). Click on the drop-down menu associated with the number you want to use for inbound faxes. Select the "Receive Fax" option from the list. The number you selected is now configured to receive faxes!

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