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International calls are charged at a per minute rate that starts at $0.03 per minute by default. This can vary on a per country basis. If you need special pricing for International calls in a specific country, please reach out to support and we can work with you.

All toll-free calls carry an extra $0.02 per minute charge. Your customers are NOT charged for dialing toll-free numbers, which is why carriers pass this cost through to us.

Usually, the answer to this question is YES! However, in some circumstances, certain toll-free numbers may not be SMS enabled. Reach out to support if you're having trouble receiving SMS on one of your toll-free numbers.

You can make an international call by simply dialing the number in e164 format. Example: +52 55 1234 5678

You can purchase a new Toll-Free number by clicking on the "Purchase New Number" links on any Extension, or the Phone Numbers pages. Be sure to to select the "Toll-Free Number" option once you get to that page.

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