Using the Built In Dialer Request Support

Transferring a phone call to another phone number using the included dialer is simple!

  • Click on the transfer button
  • Type in the number you want to transfer the call to
  • Click the blue "Transfer" button.

Your account is able to send and receive text (SMS) messages! Using our built in dialer makes it easy.

Simply enter the number you would like to text, and then hit the blue "Text" button. Next, type your message and click/tap on the send icon.

You can also reply to text messages (or respond to callers via text) by tapping on the activity entry, and clicking on the Text button.

You can also view an entire conversation with a particular contact and send text messages to them from that page:

Recording a phone call is easy. Simply click or tap on the big red record button during any inbound or outbound VoIP call using our Web or Mobile dialer.

You are able to change your Caller ID that people will see when you place a call, and you can select from any of your Better Voice numbers that you have in your account.

Simply click on the Caller ID field on top of your Dialer on the Web App:

Caller ID in Dialer

and select from the Caller IDs list.

Caller ID Selection

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