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Archiving calls or texts so your inbox stays clean is easy! Just tap on an Avatar circle, and then tap on the "archive" icon that appears on the top navigation bar.

You can also tap on an inbox item to expand it, then click on the "More" link to show an "Archive" link.

Tags are automatically applied to activity items associated with extensions in your account. You can also tag any activity item in your account with custom tags.

Downloading a recording from our web app is simple! Just click the "download" icon at the far right side of any audio player player bar after clicking on an activity item to expand it.

At this point, some browsers will open the file in an audio player instead of initiating a download. Simply go to "File"->"Save Page As" in your browser to initiate a download.

You can block any other number by following this procedure:

  • Go to your Better Voice inbox and search for the number you want to block, then click on that entry to expand it

  • Click on Contact

  • Then click on Edit:

  • Now, click on Choose Groups

  • Finally, make sure to check the Blocked tag so this number gets blocked. Click on Close when finished.

This number is now blocked and won't be able to reach you anymore.

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