Better Voice is changing the way Communication takes place. Replacing Legacy systems and old methodologies with innovative software and driving the consumer experience to a better mobile solution is the way to go. Better Voice has great solutions for agents and the flexibility to customize a solution that may suit your brokerage and team's needs. They deliver a better experience to both you and the consumer.

Jeff Lobb, VP Technology & Innovation, EXIT Realty Corp. - @jefflobb

It’s like Google Voice, YouMail, call capture, listen to a prerecorded message about a listing, a CRM, press one for this, two for that and an app for the iPhone and Android, all got together. If I were a big brokerage or a national franchise, I would call (or email or Facebook or Tweet or text) them immediately.

Chris Smith, Chief Paper Killer at dotloop Inc. - New York NY - @Chris_Smth

Better Voice has transformed how we manage calls. Their product saves us time and helps us provide a great experience for our clients. Where other providers failed, Better Voice delivered exactly the functionality we wanted with no compromises. We love Better Voice!

Jack Miller, CEO, T3 Experts - Austin TX - @jackmiller

I keynote conventions all over North America about how to bridge the gap between old-school and new-school tactics in an industry where most of its members living in extremes – either all tech or no tech. Better Voice is one of those companies that just gets it. They leverage technology for its real purpose and allow agents and brokers to stay in touch with more of their prospects and spend more of their time building real relationships.

Jared James - Orange CT - @jaredjamestoday

Better Voice has revolutionized how we manage time and our ability to respond to leads quickly. If you're considering any phone related services, talk to Better Voice before you commit to anything. This is the best service for calls/messages/lead-management out there and its seamless across all platforms.

Lee Adkins, Team Manager, Atlanta SOLD Sisters - Atlanta GA - @adkinsre

The Better Voice Team delivers a solid product at a reasonable price and the level of customer service is truly second to none. After 30+ years in real estate business it's truly a joy to finally find a company that realizes their most valuable product is how they help their clients.

Michael Patton - Atlanta GA - @pattongroup

Better Voice helps me exist in multiple locations at once, and at all hours of the day. I was an avid Google Voice user, but Better Voice has taken the virtual phone line to a new level. Having a menu driven system to route callers to specific properties, is an immense time saver, in that my day is no longer punctuated by quick property inquiry calls.

Michael Koenig - San Francisco CA - @sfbayrealtor

It's hard to manage all your calls while you are on the road speaking to organizations. I was contemplating hiring a call center, or even a high-end phone system, to handle all of our calls. Better Voice is an awesome system that does everything a call center would have done for me without that expense. It's incredibly easy to use and their customer service is great!

Darryl Davis - Wading River NY - @DarrylSpeaks

The concept is brilliant and will soon be replacing my 1-800 call capture service. My sellers love knowing that I can follow up with anyone that called specifically about their property and buyers love it because they don't have to talk to an agent (unless they want to). I can't say enough about how easy the people at Better Voice have been to work with.

Doug Lindstrom - Loveland CO - @douglindstrom

I love my Better Voice! This system has literally kept my sanity! I put two properties on the market this week and got a ton of calls. The system kept organized so I could easily keep it all straight.

Helena Noonan - Laguna Beach CA - @TheNoonanGroup

Before Better Voice, my wireless carrier voicemail box filled up at least 3 times a day. Now my daily call/phone routine is so much easier! I no longer have to go back and jot down information before I delete messages. Information about my rental properties is already embedded. I love this service!

Pamela Greene - Charlotte NC - @eraknightpromgt

When people call me and I can't answer the phone, Better Voice lets them immediately know I'm a serious professional, not some fly-by-night agent. It allows them to quickly get the information they need and enables me to call them back faster if they need me to.

Brandon Crume - Ruston LA - @brandoncrume

I love that I can not only listen to my voicemail, but read it on my phone or in my email, and save them in written form. When it comes to the listing information, we all know that our clients want information ASAP, and Better Voice provides it!

Kelly Link - Emmaus PA - @linkkel
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Why use our product?

100% Increase in professionalism.

90% Less time wasted listening to voicemails.

75% Improvement in callback efficiency.

50% More conversions from calls.

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What makes us better?

Our online wizard lets you completely customize what your phone or mobile voicemail does. Play different greetings to first-time callers, send callers text messages with product information, create menus to automatically sort and prioritize missed calls. You won't find another system more powerful than ours!

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How does it work?

We give you a local number (or take over your mobile voicemail) and give it super powers! We make your life easier by transcribing your voicemails, looking up caller names, telling you exactly what calls were about, and giving you the most powerful phone system builder on the planet! What your local number or mobile voicemail does is completely customizable using our online wizard.

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Why is this product important?

Your phone or voicemail system is often your first contact with potential customers. It should showcase your brand or indentity, promote your products and services, and capture information about callers. Our product helps you do all of these things and more without the need for expensive and outdated hardware!

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Need solutions for Enterprise?

We're the only phone and voicemail system designed for the needs of companies with employees who use their mobile phones for business.

More Callers will become Customers because they get access to the information about your company, products and special offerings, even when your employees operate away from desks!

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