• Unlimited Extensions

  • Voicemail Transcriptions

  • CRM Integrations

  • Call Recording

The Most Versatile Voice / SMS Product on the Planet

Perfect for mobile professionals, small businesses, and enterprise.

Easy Customization

Just drag the features you want, and drop them into place! Creating a phone system that works for you couldn't be any easier!

Automatic SMS/Text Responses

Automatically respond to inbound text messages that contain certain keywords.

Full SIP Support

Want to use a soft or VoIP phone with Better Voice? Go ahead! You can easily configure SIP Extensions in your account.

Voicemail to Text

Voicemail transcripts save you time when relaying information to other team members and assistants. Transcripts can easily be imported into your CRM or emailed.

Dial Out from Any Number

You can make outbound calls from any of your numbers using our Mobile app or Web Dashboard.

Team Functionality

Calls can be automatically forwarded to team members when you can't answer your phone. Team members can share a voicemail inbox so calls can be responded to faster.

Our Customers Love Us!

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Why use our product?

100% Increase in professionalism.

90% Less time wasted listening to voicemails.

80% Improvement in callback efficiency.

70% More conversions from calls.

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What makes us better?

Our online wizard lets you completely customize what your phone or mobile voicemail does. Play different greetings to first-time callers, send callers text messages with product information, create menus to automatically sort and prioritize missed calls. You won't find another system more powerful than ours!

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How does it work?

We give you a local number (or take over your mobile voicemail) and give it super powers! We make your life easier by transcribing your voicemails, looking up caller names, telling you exactly what calls were about, and giving you the most powerful phone system builder on the planet! What your local number or mobile voicemail does is completely customizable using our online wizard.

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Why is this product important?

Your phone or voicemail system is often your first contact with potential customers. It should showcase your brand or indentity, promote your products and services, and capture information about callers. Our product helps you do all of these things and more without the need for expensive and outdated hardware!

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Need solutions for Enterprise?

We're the only phone and voicemail system designed for the needs of companies with employees who use their mobile phones for business.

More Callers will become Customers because they get access to the information about your company, products and special offerings, even when your employees operate away from desks!

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