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We Give you Local or Toll-Free Numbers

Choose numbers from any area code or country. We let you customize what your numbers do using our easy Call Flow wizard. You can easily do specific things for first-time callers or contact groups, forward calls to other numbers, or even send the caller an automatic text message. You can also use our system to empower your existing cell phone's voicemail!


Our app is a Mobile PBX

No hardware is required to use our system. Your existing smartphone is enough! Dial out from any of your numbers using our mobile Apps. Our app also shows detailed call information like the caller's name, what they needed, and their transcribed voicemail. Our web app is accessible from anywhere and our mobile apps support both iOS and Android.


Leverage the POWER of Mobile

Send Automatic SMS responses to callers, record calls, complete mobile PBX capabilities, voicemail transcription (audio to text), voicemail via email, unlimited cloud voicemail storage, and web access to voicemails. Integrate your phone system with 200+ online services through our Zapier integrations.

Examples of what our system can do:

  • Send an automatic text with a website URL to all first-time callers
  • Automatically create a new contact in your CRM when you miss a call from a new caller
  • Create a menu that can route callers back to the home office based on their needs
  • Dynamically change what greetings and menus callers encounter based on their caller ID, area code, call group, if they are a first-time caller, and more

More information can be found on our features and benefits page.

Demo Account Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of the Better Voice account dashboard. To see more videos, and tutorials for our Customization Wizard, visit our Learning Center.

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