Configure Phone Forwarding

The "Find Me" page is where you will set all of the places you'd like Better Voice to forward your calls to. These settings apply to any call that is forwarded to your "User". On this page, you'll see options to:

1) Forward calls out to "Devices" 2) Forward calls out to external phone numbers

If you'd like to use VoIP to receive calls on the web and/or in our mobile apps, be sure to check off "Web & Mobile Apps".

If you would like calls to forward out to your cell phone, simply type your cell phone number in one of the "Forwarding Numbers" boxes.

If you have a custom SIP Device setup, like a VoIP desk phone, you'll see it as an option there in the "Devices" list that you can check off also.

Also, at the bottom you'll see options to configure the voicemail greeting that plays to missed calls from your direct dial number.