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Telerest™ Voice API

A simple and scalable REST based Telephony API built on top of FreeSWITCH. Designed for Carrier, ITSP, and Enterprise deployments. LEARN MORE

Easily Deployable

Telerest leverages Docker to make it easy to deploy in any datacenter, colocation facility, or cloud.

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Standards Based

Works with any SIP based VoIP carrier including Twilio's own SIP Trunking. Cut your costs in half!

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Docker Containers

We try to "dockerize" as much of our infrastructure as possible. This allows us to quickly and easily deploy our entire technology stack in almost ANY environment. It is this flexibility that lets us easily integrate our white-label platform with carriers all over the world.

Postgres Database Container

This project can be used to deploy a PostgreSQL server inside a Docker container. There are two kinds of deployment types for this container standalone and replicated. When the container is deployed in a replicated deployment the container can serve one of two roles master and slave. Finally, the container also supports continuous archiving to S3 as an additional measure of precaution.

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NginX Web Server Container

This project can be used to deploy an nginx server inside a Docker container. This container makes it easy to configure SSL, as well as the server name and default ports.

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FreeSWITCH Container

This project can be used to deploy a FreeSWITCH server inside a Docker container. An effort was made to build many modules so the container can be generic enough to serve many purposes. We use FreeSWITCH in-house in conjunction with our open-source Freepy project.

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Jenkins Container

This project can be used to deploy a Jenkins server inside a Docker container. Build and deployment automation tools are incredible important for a small team. We have no time to waste on manual deployments and monitoring. We use this handy Jenkins container to easily set up our Jenkins environment.

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Github Repositories

We strive to open source as much of our stack as possible. Most of code is listed on Github, but we also provide handy links and descriptions below for the most important ones. View all of our public repositories here:


FreePy is a thin framework for building communications apps on top of FreeSWITCH. While we have lots of custom Freepy components under the hood, this is the backbone for our telephony infrastructure.

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This project contains everything you need to get SIP.js working on iOS. Because iOS does not support WebRTC natively, we had to create this handy media handler to get it to work. This was based a lot on the PhoneRTC project.

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