About Us

BetterVoice Inc, DBA Better Voice is focused on bringing "Business Class Communications to the Mobile World".

We created Better Voice because traditional phone and voicemail systems are outdated and do not take advantage of the new technologies or devices available today. Our product is now the most customizable voicemail and phone system on the planet, capable of serving any industry or need.

We offer our technology platform on a white-label, reseller, basis so that other Telecom providers can have access to industry leading mobile telephony products and services.

Technology Platform

The Better Voice platform is completely cloud based and geographically redundant. We have servers and infrastructure all over the world and our system automatically scales to support thousands of simulteously active calls over millions of lines and extensions. We have developed our own proprietary Voice API built on industry proven technology standards which allows us to offer a solution many times more flexible than any competitor on the market.

Some of Our U.S. Customers