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Voice and SMS

Acts as a Call Capture System

When you are on-the-go, your mobile phone is likely your primary source of communication with customers. Returning calls can be much more effective at forming lasting relationships with leads when you are prepared with information about the caller. Better Voice users are shown the Caller ID name on every missed call. Even if the contact is not stored in your phone, Caller ID names are added to your Better Voice Contacts List and you can group them or categorize them as you wish. In addition, first time callers are automatically flagged so you can make your Better Voice system handle these new leads differently. Better Voice also delivers the city and state that the callers are from which is helpful in identifying prospective customers from out of your area.

No longer will your missed calls be simply identified by their number, with Better Voice, you will be presented with useful information for building your client relationships every time you look at your missed calls.

With Better Voice, you get the usefulness of a toll-free call capture system in your cell phone's voicemail without the time delay! All information (company website and contact information, product descriptions) that you set up your Better Voice system to automatically provide to the caller, is also captured and delivered to you. And... all this captured data is available for inclusion in your CRM system, if you use one.