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Voice and SMS

Transcribes Your Voicemails

Spending time listening to voicemails is time you could be using to speak with clients and leads. Having your voicemails converted to text and delivered to you in our app and in an email lets you know what the caller was calling about in a fraction of the time.

If you are with another client, pausing to listen to a voicemail can be awkward and rude. With the text transcript available, a quick glance to your phone allows you to know what the caller needed and the urgency of the call.

Within our app, after you have read the transcript, we give you the ability to send a quick SMS message or email to the caller. This gives you the ability to provide an immediate response to the caller which in turn adds value to your relationship.

Having transcripts of voicemails also allows for greater effectiveness in follow-ups with customers. You can import the transcript email into your contact management (CRM) system to note important interactions and contacts with your customers. Having the transcript with the link back to the audio file helps you remember important details from past phone calls and lets you relay them other team members or assistants. They’ll receive the email that includes the transcript, the name and phone number, as well as a link to play the voicemail audio. Add a little note to the email and your teammates and assistants will have all the information they need to help you make your next move or to contact the caller themselves.