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In your Better Voice dashboard, you'll find everything you need to get started with Better Voice.

On the left pane you'll see the navigation links to access any settings that are needed to configure your phone settings, your Team settings and access your inbox. You'll also see your "My Direct Line" and "Extensions" links which are used to configure how your business calls are handled.

The center pane is where you will do a bulk of your work. By default it shows your inbox contents and allows you to manage your recent calls, text messages, and search for older events. The center pane will also change to allow you to access any settings that need to be configured.

The right pane is your dialer. This phone dialer will use your computer's (or phone's) mic and speaker to make and receive calls from your Better Voice number. You can also compose text message from the dialer pane.

First, go to the "My Direct Line" page in the left-side navigation.

To record a custom voicemail greeting, simply click on the "Record Audio" button. This will use your computer's mic to record a custom file. Select "Begin Recording" and you are all set!.

Be sure to hit "Save" before exiting the recording dialogue box.

This newly recorded file will be available in your Better Voice account to be used on My Direct Line or any Extension if needed.


The "Find Me" page is where you will set all of the places you'd like Better Voice to forward your calls to. These settings apply to any call that is forwarded to your "User". On this page, you'll see options to:

1) Forward calls out to "Devices" 2) Forward calls out to external phone numbers

If you'd like to use VoIP to receive calls on the web and/or in our mobile apps, be sure to check off "Web & Mobile Apps".

If you would like calls to forward out to your cell phone, simply type your cell phone number in one of the "Forwarding Numbers" boxes.

If you have a custom SIP Device setup, like a VoIP desk phone, you'll see it as an option there in the "Devices" list that you can check off also.

Also, at the bottom you'll see options to configure the voicemail greeting that plays to missed calls from your direct dial number.

On your Account Settings page can update your contact information. The email address on this page is the default email address used to send you voicemail notifications.

The "Time Zone" setting will be used to place call and text message activity in your local time zone across all of the Better Voice apps.

Also on the Account Settings page you'll see an option for "Receipt Message" and "Receipt Frequency". The Call Receipt is an automated text message that is sent to your first time missed calls that 1) includes your "Receipt Message" and 2) includes a link for the caller to access details about their call, like the date and time, and keep for their records.

If you wish to edit the Call Receipt message, you can simply edit that text field. Also, if you want to adjust the frequency of the Call Receipt you can select "Never", "First Time Callers".

At the bottom of your Account Settings page you'll see your API Token. This is used for services, like, that can be used to sync your Better Voice activity with other services.

You can assign a Direct Dial phone number to your Better Voice account. Direct Dial numbers immediately ring to you (according to your Find Me settings) and will go to voicemail if you do not answer. You can configure your Direct Dial numbers two ways:

  • On the "My Direct Line" page, under the Direct Dial Numbers section, click on the "Choose Existing" button to assign an existing virtual number in your account. Or, you can choose to "Purchase New Number" as well.

  • You can also assign direct dial numbers to your Account from the "Phone Numbers" page in the app. This provides a list of all of the virtual numbers in your account. Use the dropdown form option to select which Extension, or user, a phone number should be assigned to.

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