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In your Better Voice dashboard, you'll find everything you need to get started with Better Voice.

On the left pane you'll see the navigation links to access any settings that are needed to configure your phone settings, your Team settings and access your inbox. You'll also see your "My Direct Line" and "Extensions" links which are used to configure how your business calls are handled.

The center pane is where you will do a bulk of your work. By default it shows your inbox contents and allows you to manage your recent calls, text messages, and search for older events. The center pane will also change to allow you to access any settings that need to be configured.

The right pane is your dialer. This phone dialer will use your computer's (or phone's) mic and speaker to make and receive calls from your Better Voice number. You can also compose text message from the dialer pane.

First, go to the "My Direct Line" page in the left-side navigation.

To record a custom voicemail greeting, simply click on the "Record Audio" button. This will use your computer's mic to record a custom file. Select "Begin Recording" and you are all set!.

Be sure to hit "Save" before exiting the recording dialogue box.

This newly recorded file will be available in your Better Voice account to be used on My Direct Line or any Extension if needed.

The "Find Me" page is where you will set all of the places you'd like Better Voice to forward your calls to. These settings apply to any call that is forwarded to your "User". On this page, you'll see options to:

1) Forward calls out to "Devices" 2) Forward calls out to external phone numbers

If you'd like to use VoIP to receive calls on the web and/or in our mobile apps, be sure to check off "Web & Mobile Apps".

If you would like calls to forward out to your cell phone, simply type your cell phone number in one of the "Forwarding Numbers" boxes.

If you have a custom SIP Device setup, like a VoIP desk phone, you'll see it as an option there in the "Devices" list that you can check off also.

Also, at the bottom you'll see options to configure the voicemail greeting that plays to missed calls from your direct dial number.

On your Account Settings page can update your contact information. The email address on this page is the default email address used to send you voicemail notifications.

The "Time Zone" setting will be used to place call and text message activity in your local time zone across all of the Better Voice apps.

Also on the Account Settings page you'll see an option for "Receipt Message" and "Receipt Frequency". The Call Receipt is an automated text message that is sent to your first time missed calls that 1) includes your "Receipt Message" and 2) includes a link for the caller to access details about their call, like the date and time, and keep for their records.

If you wish to edit the Call Receipt message, you can simply edit that text field. Also, if you want to adjust the frequency of the Call Receipt you can select "Never", "First Time Callers".

At the bottom of your Account Settings page you'll see your API Token. This is used for services, like, that can be used to sync your Better Voice activity with other services.

You can assign a Direct Dial phone number to your Better Voice account. Direct Dial numbers immediately ring to you (according to your Find Me settings) and will go to voicemail if you do not answer. You can configure your Direct Dial numbers two ways:

  • On the "My Direct Line" page, under the Direct Dial Numbers section, click on the "Choose Existing" button to assign an existing virtual number in your account. Or, you can choose to "Purchase New Number" as well.

  • You can also assign direct dial numbers to your Account from the "Phone Numbers" page in the app. This provides a list of all of the virtual numbers in your account. Use the dropdown form option to select which Extension, or user, a phone number should be assigned to.

Extensions are the basis for configuring how your calls are routed. Extensions can route calls out to team members as well as direct calls to other Extensions based on rules you setup in your "Automated Menu".

You can create as many Extensions as needed for your Business. Another neat feature of Extensions is that you can assign a phone number specific to a Extension. This is nice if you want to have a dedicated support or sales number that routes straight to your sales or support team members.

General Info

Your Extensions are the basis for configuring a Better Voice phone number for your business or company needs.

When configuring an extension, you can choose to assign an existing number to it, or to reserve a new phone number specifically for it. Think of this number as your business number or marketing number.

Receive Calls

The first section to configure is the "Receive Calls" section. Here you can optionally set an initial greeting you'd like callers to hear when they dial your number. Secondly, you can configure "Operators" to receive calls immediately at the start of each call. An "Operator" is typically a user in your Better Voice account but can also be an external phone number if needed.

The "Receive Calls" section is optional and if no settings are in place calls will immediately move to the "Automated Response Menu" section. Alternatively, if a greeting is configured in the "Receive Calls" section or if any Operators are configured, calls will move on to the "Automated Response Menu" section after the greeting plays and/or if no Operators answer the phone.

Automated Menu

The "Automated Response Menu" section gives you the opportunity to create a menu for your callers to interact with. The Automated Response Menu is optional as well and if one is not configured, the call will move on to the next section called "Voicemail".

With the "Automated Response Menu" you'll have the option to "Add a Menu Option" where you can select the way to route callers based on the digits they dial.

The Automated Response Menu options are:

1) "Dial by Name Directory" which will automatically read off each of your Better Voice user names and allow callers to dial the name of the user they want to reach.

2) "Forward to Extension" which will route the call to another Extension you have created. This allows you to create multi-level menus.

3) "Forward to User" which will route the call directly to another Better Voice user.

Automatic Text Message

You can also configure a text message that will automatically be sent to anyone that calls this line, or only the FIRST time someone calls the line.


Finally, at the bottom of the Extension form is the "Voicemail" section. If no digits are pressed in the Automated Response Menu or if no menu is configured, calls will go into leaving a voicemail message. You can select a greeting file to play to callers before they hear the recording tone.

You can assign a Better Voice virtual phone number to your Direct Line or any of your Extensions. You can do this two ways:

  • On the extension page, under the Phone Numbers section, click on the "Choose Existing" button to assign an existing virtual number in your account. Or, you can choose to "Purchase New Number" as well.

  • You can also assign phone numbers to your Extensions from the "Phone Numbers" page in the app. This provides a list of all of the virtual numbers in your account. Use the dropdown form option to select which Extension, or user, a phone number should be assigned to.

Conference rooms allow multiple people participate in a phone call at once. Our conference rooms support up to 40 simultaneous callers. To create a conference room, simply use links on the left side navigation in the app.

You can configure hold music that will be played to callers until the conference begins. You can also configure an optional greeting that will be played to callers as they join.

Any number in your account (or more than one) can be directly assigned to conference rooms. You can also redirect callers into Conference Rooms from your business line or extensions.

Archiving calls or texts so your inbox stays clean is easy! Just tap on an Avatar circle, and then tap on the "archive" icon that appears on the top navigation bar.

You can also tap on an inbox item to expand it, then click on the "More" link to show an "Archive" link.

Tags are automatically applied to activity items associated with extensions in your account. You can also tag any activity item in your account with custom tags.

Downloading a recording from our web app is simple! Just click the "download" icon at the far right side of any audio player player bar after clicking on an activity item to expand it.

At this point, some browsers will open the file in an audio player instead of initiating a download. Simply go to "File"->"Save Page As" in your browser to initiate a download.

You can block any other number by following this procedure:

  • Go to your Better Voice inbox and search for the number you want to block, then click on that entry to expand it

  • Click on Contact

  • Then click on Edit:

  • Now, click on Choose Groups

  • Finally, make sure to check the Blocked tag so this number gets blocked. Click on Close when finished.

This number is now blocked and won't be able to reach you anymore.

Transferring a phone call to another phone number using the included dialer is simple!

  • Click on the transfer button
  • Type in the number you want to transfer the call to
  • Click the blue "Transfer" button.

Your account is able to send and receive text (SMS) messages! Using our built in dialer makes it easy.

Simply enter the number you would like to text, and then hit the blue "Text" button. Next, type your message and click/tap on the send icon.

You can also reply to text messages (or respond to callers via text) by tapping on the activity entry, and clicking on the Text button.

You can also view an entire conversation with a particular contact and send text messages to them from that page:

Recording a phone call is easy. Simply click or tap on the big red record button during any inbound or outbound VoIP call using our Web or Mobile dialer.

You are able to change your Caller ID that people will see when you place a call, and you can select from any of your Better Voice numbers that you have in your account.

Simply click on the Caller ID field on top of your Dialer on the Web App:

Caller ID in Dialer

and select from the Caller IDs list.

Caller ID Selection

Your "Team" settings are where you will be able to invite other people to create a Better Voice account and be added as a "User" within your group.

To invite another user, simply fill in their email address and they will receive an email asking them to create a password and log in. Their account will automatically be added to your Team and you will be able to route calls to their "User" from your Extensions.

Team members can be either Admins or Non-admins. You can promote (or demote) team members on the "Team" page. You can also manage specific privileges for team members by giving them access to see calls and texts associated with specific Extensions in your account.

Keep in mind that "Operators" configured on your Business Line and Extensions can automatically see calls coming into those lines.

Non-admin Team Members have access to make and receive calls from any phone number assigned to an extension which they are an "Operator" for.

You can also give a team member permission to use a phone number by explicitly granting them permission to an associated extension in the Team Member Privileges editor.

Go to the Phone Numbers page in the app (under Advanced in the left side navigation). Click on the drop-down menu associated with the number you want to use for inbound faxes. Select the "Receive Fax" option from the list. The number you selected is now configured to receive faxes!

Better Voice provides everything you need in a virtual phone system. We provide local and toll-free phone numbers almost anywhere in the world. Our numbers can be configured to do practically anything, including:

  • Send an automatic text with a website URL to all first-time callers
  • Automatically create a new contact in your CRM when you miss a call from a new caller
  • Create a phone menu that can route callers back to the home office based on their needs
  • Be used as a VoIP soft phone for team members on the go.

Better Voice is for individuals, professionals, businesses, or enterprises in any industry. If you need a custom solution, we can help you with that as well.

Better Voice is similar to Google Voice in that we both provide virtual phone numbers that can be routed to other phone numbers. However, Better Voice numbers have many more configuration options and features. In short, our virtual numbers can be configured to do almost anything using our Business Line, Extensions, or the Drag-Drop call flow wizard.

Examples of what you can do include:

  • Send an automatic text with a website URL to all first-time callers
  • Automatically create a new contact in your CRM when you miss a call from a new caller
  • Create a menu that can route callers back to the home office based on their needs
  • Dynamically change what greetings and menus callers encounter based on their caller ID, area code, call group, if they are a first-time caller, and more


Subscribe to Better Voice at , and you will automatically receive the free trial. Your credit card will not be charged until your trial ends. You may cancel at any time.

Most office or business phones can be programmed to forward calls out to your Better Voice phone numbers. The method for configuring the forwarding is different depending on the type of phones that you have. Please reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you.

Yes! There are a few ways we can help out entire teams, and we are happy to work with you on finding the best solution for your team. Some of the ways we can do this include:

  • Providing unique virtual phone numbers for each member of your team
  • Distributing calls to multiple cell phones or landlines
  • Sending call notifications to various email addresses or as text messages
  • Syncing call and text notifications with your existing CRM or follow-up system

No. While the app is designed to add more convenience to your Better Voice experience, it is not required in order to use our services. Our web app at provides the same functionality you will find in the app.

A greeting is a recording that can be configured to be played to callers in your Better Voice phone system. Your Business Line and your extensions can have separate greetings, or share the same ones.

Welcome Calltrunk users!!

To perform a recorded phone call you have multiple options:

  • Use the Call Connect functionality in the dashboard under the "Advanced" button in the left side menu. Be sure to check the record option in the form.
  • Initiate the call from our Web App: ( Just use the built in soft-phone on the right side of the page. You may need to first reserve your Better Voice direct dial number in the "Phone" page of the app. Just tap on the red Record button in the dialer once your call connects.
  • Initiate the call from our Mobile Apps. Search for "Better Voice Unified" in the app store. Just use the built in soft-phone on the right side of the page. You may need to first reserve your Better Voice direct dial number in the "Phone" page of the app. Just tap on the red Record button in the dialer once your call connects.

To import your data from Calltrunk:

You must first verify your email address before you can initiate an import. The import process can take more than an hour depending on how many Calltrunk calls you have.

To download the MP3 of a recorded call:

Click on any of the Download icons beside the audio player after clicking on a call in the Inbox list.

No! You can cancel your subscription to our service at any time with no cancellation fees.

Your card will be charged at the end of your free trial period if you do not cancel your subscription. Our standard free trial period is 14 days. We send 2 email notifications during your trial: Once at the half way mark, and once the day before your trial ends.


The Monthly billing option will charge your credit card every month for the price of the plan you've selected.

The Yearly (or Annual) billing option will charge your credit card up front for 12 months of service. We give you a 20% discount in exchange for paying up front for a year. If you have any overages (extra calls, texts, faxes, etc, that exceed the allotment on your plan) during a month while on Yearly billing, we will bill your credit card that month.

You can update your credit card by visiting the "Account Billing" section of your online dashboard.

You may change your Better Voice plan by logging into your online account. Once in your dashboard, click on "Account Billing" located on the left side navigation menu. Then, click on "Manage Your Subscription" located on the top right side of the page. This will bring you to "Billing Details" where you will be able to select the new plan of your choice.

In order to cancel your Better Voice subscription, you must be logged into your online account; cancellation is not available through the Better Voice App. You can go here to cancel your subscription:

Whatever you are using to keep track of contacts, business projects, customer service, or people to follow up with, we hope we can connect with them. Using a service called Zapier, you can connect Better Voice to over 250 other web services and software.

Checkout to see some of the Zaps that others have created. And be sure to share with us and the rest of the Zapier community the Zap you come up with. There are probably others looking for the exact same integration.

Yes! We provide a tool that allows you to upload a CSV file containing your existing contacts. Reach out to support for information about the format of this CSV and how to proceed.

Simply configure Better Voice to send your call notifications to your Follow Up Boss email address. Step-by-step information can be found at (

You can use our integration to easily sync your Better Voice account with SalesForce. To get started, you can use this pre-built "zap" as a guide: Better Voice to SalesForce Lead

We offer Zoho integration via Here is a Zap to help you get started: Zoho Lead from Better Voice Call provides two general methods to access your Contact, Call, SMS, and Fax data via API.

  • Via REST Api (You PULL data from us)
  • Via WebHooks (We PUSH data to you)

You'll need your Username and API Token to use either method. You can find both on the Account Settings page in your dashboard.


To see a list of all Rest API endpoints available, you can issue a GET request to the following URL:{Your_Username}&token={Your_API_Token}

WebHooks API

To get notified via an HTTP POST when new calls, texts, faxes, or contacts are created in your account, simply POST and event and target_url parameter to the following URL and we will notify the corresponding Target URL any time a new event occurs:{Your_Username}&token={Your_API_Token}

Event choices so far are: call.created, sms.created, fax.created, contact.created, contact.updated, and contact.deleted.


The easiest way to configure a Cisco phone is to use the Better Voice provisioning server.


  • Log into your phone's Web Management Portal by going to its local IP Address in your browser.
  • Click the Admin Login link.
  • Switch to Advanced mode.
  • Click the Provisioning tab.
  • Enter$MAC.xml in the item labeled Profile Rule.


Use the images below as a guide to configure your Bria (or X-Lite) softphone client.



Yes, in the vast majority of cases, you can port your existing phone number to us. We are sometimes unable to port some Canadian and International numbers due to carrier restrictions. The process normally takes anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to complete.

We will need a copy or screenshot of your current billing statement or account page. We will also need you to complete an only LOA document that we will send to you. Start a conversation with us if you'd like to port in your phone number!

Your Google Voice number is automatically locked to prevent it from being ported out without your consent. Before you can port your Google Voice number to Better Voice you must first unlock it.

There is a one time $3 fee to port your number away from Google Voice. For users who ported their mobile numbers into Google Voice, the fee is waived.

To unlock your number simply:

  • Go to and sign into your Google Voice account.
  • If you only have one Google Voice number click Unlock my number underneath your Google Voice number. If you have more than one number, select the number you wish to port away from the drop down menu and then click Unlock my number.
  • Click Continue to confirm that you wish to unlock your number.
  • Sign into Google Wallet to complete your port out process.
  • Once you're done your Google Voice number is ready to be ported out.

After following the above steps, you can then initiate the port with Better Voice by creating a Support Request.

International calls are charged at a per minute rate that starts at $0.03 per minute by default. This can vary on a per country basis. If you need special pricing for International calls in a specific country, please reach out to support and we can work with you.

All toll-free calls carry an extra $0.02 per minute charge. Your customers are NOT charged for dialing toll-free numbers, which is why carriers pass this cost through to us.

Usually, the answer to this question is YES! However, in some circumstances, certain toll-free numbers may not be SMS enabled. Reach out to support if you're having trouble receiving SMS on one of your toll-free numbers.

You can make an international call by simply dialing the number in e164 format. Example: +52 55 1234 5678

You can purchase a new Toll-Free number by clicking on the "Purchase New Number" links on any Extension, or the Phone Numbers pages. Be sure to to select the "Toll-Free Number" option once you get to that page.

Request Support

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You can also email us at